Pushing It!

3:05 p.m. Just saw Mr.A what in the corridor. I had this urge to go and speak to him. He was talking to the manager. She looked at me and smiled but he did’t even look. I want to text him, now. But stopping myself. I’m even not going to him when I have official work that includes… Continue reading Pushing It!

Battling With the WILL

9:20 a.m. Day 1. This is the only place where I light my heart by saying all the stuff that I can’t tell anyone one in person. Not even my close friends. How can I tell them all this? What will they think of me? I will never want them to think anything bad about… Continue reading Battling With the WILL

I Really Don’t Care Anymore!

These two days were very hard for me. We had holiday on Saturday this week. But all the time I was thinking of what happened on Friday. I forgot it when I was at dinner with my husband. I truly enjoyed my birthday with him. But once he slept that night and when he went… Continue reading I Really Don’t Care Anymore!

Should Be Careful!

1:35 pm I just did a massive blunder. Mr.A is pissed off. I made him feel what I wasn’t planning. It wasn’t my intention. I made him feel that he is a play boy and he is angry on me. Big time! He came to our room, for unknown reason, as he entered his phone… Continue reading Should Be Careful!

“You’re Beautiful”

We bumped into each other in extension building he was there with the boss, Hitler boss actually, but he got fair chance to come over me. He called my name and indicate to come close. I took a step close to him he bend little down to me cover his mouth and said “you are… Continue reading “You’re Beautiful”

Its My Birthday!!

8:10 a.m It’s my birthday!! My husband gave me a little surprise last night. He bought my favorite cake and we celebrated.  Every year I can’t hold beeps on my phone this day. But last night it was silent. Is this what happens once you got married? People stops wishing you? Even my Facebook wall… Continue reading Its My Birthday!!